Notty Bunch!

The Delightful Children Fron Down The Lane Are Enemies With The Kids Next Door Organization. They are 5 children who were once the Missing Members Of Sector Z. Then They Got Delightfulized To The Delightful Children From Down The Lane Using Father (Benedict Uno)'s Machine, The Delightfulization Chamber. The Kids Next Door Calls The Delightful Children From Down The Lane Delightful Dorks. The 5 Members Of The DCFDTL Are, Lenny,Samantha,David,Bruce,And Darleen. They Are The Main Delightfuls In The Series. Those Delightful Children are the ones not letting Kids Have A Piece Of Their Delicious Birthday Cake. One Of The Delightful Children,David ,Annoys The Crud Outta Everyone,Even Numbuh 478. The Delightful Children Loves Father So Much. They are the ones that gave Numbuh 5 a Lice Infested Hat, A Hat Filled With Lice. They Are Also The Ones That Won't Share Their Birthday Cake With The Kids.