Awwww baby!!! *hugs* I love u so much!!! You'll always be my handsome cutey for the rest for my life!!! *kisses*


Hello baby!!! *hugs* How's my handsome cutie doing today???

Kuki FlirtyGirl Cutie is a beautiful pretty and lovely and cute happy go lucky girl in the Kids Next Door Organization.  She wears a beautiful dress and a beautiful bowtie. Kuki FlirtyGirl Cutie lives in Amer's Manor With Her Family. She's also the head cheerleader of the Rainbow Princess Squad, a very well known Cheerleading squad in Thunderlea. She also wears her beautiful pink lipstick for purposes of love and having fun. Her favorite color is pink. She's attracted to Numbuh 478 and follows him wherever he goes. She spends her wonderful lovely time caring for his boyfriend by kissing him,tickling him, making him laugh,cuddling him,snuggling him, and even loving him for the rest of her life. She also wears a Beautiful Wedding Dress with a Beautiful Bow Tie, Thus Making Her The Worlds Most Beautifulest Girl In Thunderlea. She's also the President Of Rainbow City. She's also head girl scout of The Thunder Cookie Scouts, Amer's favorite boy-girl mixed scouts. She's the bestest,sweetest loving head girl scout The Thunder Cookie Scouts Ever Had. She's caring,kind loveable,cute,beautiful and brave too. She cares for all The Thunder Cookie Scouts and Even Gives The Boys a Goodnight Kiss. She spends time with her scouts, kissing them to make them laugh,tickling them,having fun with them and even playing around with them. She even hugs every each of them before they go to sleep. She even dances with the boy scouts. She even sleeps every night with them.