Awwwwww I love you too baby!!! *kisses*


I love you baby!!! *hugs and kisses his cheek continuously using her pink lips*

Kuki Flirtygirl Cutiegirl also knonw as KukiFlirtygirl is a beautiful pretty cutie girl who just loves boys. Infact, She even brings a boy into her loveroom and kisses them just to make them laugh. She's the Princess Of Love In Thunderlea.   She's the worlds most pretttiest beautifulest cutest sweetest girl in Thunderlea. All Thunderleans Calls Her The Princess Of Love. She makes her victimes laugh by kissing the person who comes to her love house. They love her so much and When they agreed to keep her forvever, she got super excited and kisses All The Thunderlaens Living In Thunderleans just to maike them laugh and to thank them for having her into the Thunderlean Community. She even thanked Amer for letting her join his family by kissing his tummy and belly continuously using her pink lips and made him laugh. At Her Welcoming Party, She got super excited that she got a house,a family and a new town to live in that she kissed The Homeowner sweetly! Her Love House Building Has 13 Rooms,12 Bathrooms and 5 Showers. It even has a 13 storey bed! The Largest Bed Is Located In Her Room. Its where she kisses and smooches her victim and make him laugh. Kuki FlirtyCutiegirl is always seen at Amer's Manor with a beautiful pretty yellow dress. She's alos Amer's kind loving babysistter. She enjoys her time playing with him. She gave him a bath,fed him,tickled him, kisses him a couple of times and even sends her beautiful pretty and wonderful time playing around with him.  On Her Birthday Party, She wears a beautiful and pretty Birthday Gown. On Friendship Day, She wears a beautiful pretty cute and adorable Friendship Dress A With Pretty Bowtie,A Pretty Yellow Tiara and Lovely Pink Shoes.On Her Wedding Day, She Wears A Beautiful White Dress with White Gloves, White Wedding Shoes,Bowtie,Earrings and a Wonderful Pink Covered Head Dress. Kuki FlirtyCutiegirl even opened up her very own beautiful cute Nursery for Amer. Inside Of Her Beautiful Cute New Nursery, She happily babysits Amer and takes good care of him. She rubbed his head and tummy,tickles him,hugs him and even kisses him continuously just to keep all snuggled up in her New Nursery.