The Gratest Member Of The KND

Numbuh 274.

Numbuh 274 also known as Chad Dickson was once a Kids Next Door Operative before he beame a Teenage Kids Next Door Operative. Numbuh 274 used to train Numbuh 1 about being an Operative. Numbuh 274's been in the Kids Next Door For 5 Years. In Operation END, He Called The Kids Snot Nosed Brats. Numbuh 86 was about to Decomission Numbuh 274 Before He Escaped With The Help Of Cree. Numbuh 274 falls in love with Numbuh 374 completely. As Numbuh 374 looks at him with a happy smile,Numbuh 274 blushes completely. when Numbuh 374 hugged and kissed Numbuh 274, he blushed. Numbuh 374 takes Numbuh 274 out on a date all the time. Numbuh 274's Parents Were Indeed Revealed On 1 Kids Next Door Episode. Numbuh 274 got embarassed with this. Numbuh 274's main rival is Numbuh 1 from Sector V. Numbuh 274 loved Numbuh 374 like he was her son.