Yay!!! *kisses* Its so nice to see you,b again,baby!!!

Agent V333 is a beautiful princess of Rainbow City. She's kind,caring,loving,adorable cutie girl who cares for everybody that she sees. She's the bestest friend anyone could ever get. She cheers them up when they're sad. She's really loyal,sweet and kind friend that the Thunderlean Kids love. She's alawys looking out for her true best friends. When It Comes To Romantic Relationships, She's really kind,sweet and nice towards Boys who fall in love with her. Anyone might even get extremely lucky to be his girlfriend.  She's really sweet and kind towards you or anyone who falls in love with her.  She makes you laugh by just kissing you with or without her pink lips. She even tickles you to make you laugh. When you kiss her, Your two times as lucky to be with her. She keeps kissing you nonstop. She hugs you too,thus making her the sweetest girls in Thunderlea. She even gives you noogies to make ya laugh. She keeps you laughing by simply kissing you with or without her pink lips. If you marry her, Your as lucky as ever! She'll tickle you and kisses you nonstop.  Take her out on a date and she'll definatly kiss you nonstop. Your also lucky if your dancing with her. She even swings you,spins you,twirls you, holds your hand while dancing with you and even kisses you at the end. She even invited the new neighbours to visit her house for a Welcoming Party. She also has epic secret crushes on you.