Awwwww baby!!! *kisses* I love you so much!!! EEEEEEEEEE!

Agent V13 is a girl who lives in Universal Earth. She's attracted to Agent V478. A Human Boy Living In Planet Earth. She's always got opened hearts and arms for him. She follows him whever he goes and gives him all his love she can ever give. She even spends her time in her room thinking about him. If he asks her to marry him, She gets every excited,accepts the Wedding Proposal and happily takes him into her house,takes off his pants and shirt and kisses him continuously all over his body and feet using her pink lips. She does this over and over and over again. She repeatedly kisses him everywhere except his bird. He laughed and laughed and laughed for hours. She fell for him ever since he rescued her and Pony from a deadly rampage. she even rescued him from getting beaten up in a gang fight with K.Rool's men. She danced with him afterwards. When he told her that she became his new girlfriend. she got super excited and just took of his pants and shirt and kisses him all over his body using her pink lips. She even cuddled him,tickled him and snuggled him. She even flirted with him as well just to keep him laughing. She kept on tickling him while flirting with him. It really made him laugh even more. She knew that he was the perfect boy for her heart and happily smiled excitedly. He even joined her for his very 1st Tea Party. She also makes him laugh by kissing him contniuously using her pink lips after watching her Ballerina Performance. She Got Super Excited When Amer Came To Her Ballerina Performance. She loves him ever so much that she brought him upstairs for a tickle Date. She tickled him, kissed him and tickled him continuously just to keep him laughing even more. She even dances with him to keep him happy and to make sure he's not lonely